• We at KPPL design and develop the submersible pumps as per your requirements.
  • On site Installation of pumps is done by KPPL .
  • We provide certified and KPPL trained professional
  • We provide on site Training and maintenance details .
  • We train the professional working on submersible pumps with Trouble shooting and break down maintenance know how.
  • On – off site repair and maintenance is done by KPPL.
  • We maintain major inventory related to submersible pumps which ensures minimum down time.
  • We undertake preventive or break down maintenance contracts.
  • We deliver the parts with prompt service.
  • Our pumps are repaired and serviced by our Sister concern Kulkarni Pumps Corporation.

Model KS-2715(MH)/15HP

Model KS-2715(HD)/15HP

Model KS-2825(HH)/25HP

Model KS-2825(HD)/25HP

Model KS-2835(HH)/35HP

Model KS-2835(HD)/35HP

Model KS-2850(HH)/50HP

Model KS-2850(HD)/50HP