Frequently asked questions
For what type of water 'Jalrani' pumps can be used?

Jalrani pumps can be used for muddy, dirty, contaminated, water with suspended solids.

What is MOC of Jalrani Pumps ?
Jalrani pumps are manufactured is Aluminium alloy (LM6). Based on requirement of the clients we also manufacture pumps with cast parts in SS304, SS316, SS316L, Cast Iron.
Why Kulkarni Make Jalrani Pumps ?
Our pumps are light weight, portable, sturdy. We manufacture quality products. We also provide after sales service with due care and maintenance.
What is the maximum head and discharge of Jalrani Pumps ?
Maximum head = 70/mtrs and maximum discharge = 7500 LPM
How to select pump ?
Based on head and discharge provided, the HP of the pump can be selected.


"Jalrani" Submersible Dewatering Pumps are used for pumping muddy, dirty, contaminated water, water with suspended solids effluent waste etc.
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