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THE BEGINNING of KULKARNI PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED then KULKARNI ENGINEERING COMPANY way back in 1970, was a resolute attempt to produce a few Fabricated equipments & Tailor made Castings using the limited facilities of an in-house foundry. Eventually the founder’s dream was coming true as the small production unit they started kept growing rapidly. Now after four eventful decades, it is an enormous, widely reputed organization, which produces 15 varieties of perfectly engineered pumps and motors and sells its products in numerous countries.

Kulkarni Pumps Private Limited IS ONE AMONG the few pioneers in the world to produce Aluminium Cast pumps and 100% stainless steel Submersible Pumps. Having achieved a record capacity of over 1000 pumps per annum, today KULKARNI PUMPS PRIVATE LIMIED. is rubbing its shoulders with the best brands in the world, with advanced technology and safety standards as its hallmarks.

THE INFRASTRUCTURE of KULKARNI PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED. is pretty comprehensive with state-of-art machineries and a high potential R&D wing, all within its own covered area of 1000 square METRES. The production environment is on the lines of ISO 9001 certification. The R&D team always stays in tune with the changing scenario and seldom fails in coming up with outstanding solutions every time.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, behind this legendary growth lies the untiring, innovative, enthusiastic and dedicated team work. And, of course, a flawlessly maintained value system too.

DRIVEN BY IDEAS at the heart of all our efforts is R&D. We excel in inventing path-breaking concepts and enhancing the existing technology as well. In fact, before we sit down at the drawing board to design a Mud Pumps we carefully consider several factors integral to its design and performance. For instance, land conditions, depth of the Sumps, nature of use, source of power and many more. Because we believe that it takes a great amount of focus and dedication to obtain the best result. It is a challenge we are well equipped to take. We unerringly know the importance of paying attention to every minute detail without missing out on the larger picture. In fact, it is this never-say-die attitude that reflects in the world class quality of each of our products.

In 2008 considering the need of the Business KULKARNI PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated which took over the running Partnership Firm KULKARNI ENGINEERING COMPANY. Water on the move is the motor of life in nature. It is also the driving force behind every Civilisation – in the jungle, in the desert and for millions of people in cities around the world. Wherever water needs to be supplied or disposed of, our Pumps are at hand. Our ultra-modern pump manufacturing Unit and comprehensive service get things moving. Our Pumps transport much more than just water.

Our Pumps will get more or less any liquid to where you want it, Efficiently, Economically and Reliably. Our Construction Pumps are used in applications that range from Construction, Building services to Industrial processes, Water Engineering, Mining and Sewage Disposal. Our pumps provide and dispose Off Water from Projects, Buildings & any place literally. Our products deal with Industrial and Municipal Waste Water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Wherever these products are in use, they ensure that processes run smoothly and economically – and that they stay that way.

Satisfying customers means keeping in close touch with them. It means offering them top-class packages, value for money, comprehensive care, regional service centres, and all the back-up they want. Wherever our customers are, we’re there to help.

Our Mission :
‘TO provide World-Class Fluid management solutions to everyone from individual businesses and corporate giants, with a spectacular difference’.

Our Vision :
‘To be the Market leader of pumps in the world and make consistent efforts to sustain business with dedication, determination and discipline.’ INNOVATION and SIMPLICITY

As a result we have emerged as the leading & dominant Submersible pump manufacturer of Indian sub continent offering widest range of most compact, reliable, efficient & elegant pumps for all Clean, Unclean and semi-viscous liquid applications